Adding solar panels


The tested results of the measure are illustrative. Please contact an expert to get more accurate results. Still, the presented results will indicate a close result to how much electricity can be generated with solar panels in Estonia. Before installing solar panels, renovating the building is worth considering if it has not been done already. The electricity utilisation profile of a renovated building may change by setting new and potentially more efficient conditions for using the solar panels on site.

In case of a solar power plant, it is useful to consume as much of the generated electricity on site as possible despite of the grant (the grant which the producer of renewable electricity will receive in addition to the market price of electricity), because the financial benefit will gained on the unit price of purchased electricity.

Figure 1. Example of the solar panel measure











In the Energiamonitor application, average production of electricity achieved under the common angle of Estonian roofs is calculated based on the capacity (kW) of installed solar panels. The light-green column for electric energy represent the actual electricity consumption of your building based on consumption data received from the power grid, and the dark-green altered electricity represents the estimated electricity consumption from the power grid after implementing the chosen measure, i.e., adding the solar panels, which is reduced by the percentage of self-consumption you have determined. This means that some of the electricity purchased from the grid is replaced by the electricity generated and consumed on site. Keep in mind that the columns represent your electricity consumption throughout the day during a calendar month, but the yellow electricity production line represents the capacity which cannot be generated throughout the day.

The cost of installing solar panels is approximately 900–1,300 euros per one kilowatt of capacity installed – the larger the solar power station, the cheaper the installation cost per unit. Productivity of a solar power station depends on the position of the building to the cardinal points, as well as objects surrounding the building on the position plane (shadows created). These points, as well as the strength of existing structures and utilisation profile of electricity must be considered when planning and installing a solar power station. There are several calculators (incl. in Estonian) for calculating the production generated by a solar power station, but we especially recommend an English calculator on the website of the European Commission, available by clicking here.

To get useful tips from a building expert, click on the “Ask an expert” button in the Energiamonitor application and submit your question. You can share the data of your site by using the share function.

Check out the possible solar panel grants and grant rates.

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