General Terms and Privacy Policy

General Terms and Privacy Policy

1. General Terms

 The Service Provider has done everything in its power for the Service to comply with the valid legal acts and information displayed on the website to be accurate and up to date. The Service Provider does not guarantee the accuracy of information and is not responsible for the possible consequences of using the service.

Developing the Service has been funded from the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme. The managing authority of the Programme is not responsible for how the information may be used.

The User is advised to read the terms and privacy policy before using the Service. The User grants the Service Provider permission to use their personal data in compliance with the Service Provider’s Privacy Policy.

The terms will enter into force on 1 March 2019 for an unspecified term.

2. Privacy Policy

2.1. General Terms of the Privacy Policy

Tartu Regional Energy Agency (hereinafter the Service Provider) respects the users’ wish to value their privacy and protection of personal data. We take protecting their data very seriously. Privacy policy compliant with the legal acts of the European Union and Estonia shall be applied when processing the personal data of users of the Service provided by the Service Provider (hereinafter the User). Data will be stored in servers located within a member state of the European Union, and the Service Provider will not disclose the personal data of Users or other persons without their consent or other grounds arising from the law.

Privacy policy describes the main principles and goals of processing personal data applied by the Service Provider. Users may be either the natural persons who use the Service provided by the Service Provider or representatives of companies or organizations which use the Service.

The Service of the Service Provider may include links to the websites or services of third parties. These website or services may be governed by privacy policy different to that of the Service Provider. The Service Provider is not responsible for neither the privacy policy of third parties not data processing related to their activity, and advises users to read the individual privacy policy of every third party.

Users of the Application have accepted the conditions of use and privacy policy of Energiamonitor, which establish the method by which the Users submit their personal data and how these are processed under the best possible protection.

2.2. Processed data and sources

The Service Provider will receive personal data to be processed from the User lawfully in connection with using the Service. The Service Provider may use the User’s personal data entered by the User primarily for providing the Service and in special cases set out in the Privacy Policy.

Personal data are any data concerning an identified or identifiable natural person (incl. consumption data), regardless of the form or format in which such data exist.

The Service Provider will process primarily the data concerning the User which the User personally discloses or allows to be disclosed (third databases), and information which becomes known to the Service Provider during use, including (but not limited to) the following data:

  • Contact details;
  • Energy consumption, energy and energy service cost data;
  • Electronic identification data (such as IP addresses, cookies);
  • Correspondence between the User and the Service Provider;
  • Details concerning the use of the user interface and activity related to using the Service;
  • Data for personalization of the content and advertisements;
  • Data for providing social media functions and traffic analysis.

The Service Provider will receive User data in three ways:

1) The User submits relevant data to the Service Provider by, for example, entering their name, e-mail address, postal address or telephone number, by submitting their consumption data to the Service Provider or by submitting an authorization for asking data from providers of energy services;

2) The Service Provider collects data concerning the User behaviour and use of the Services (for example, which web browser or device the User used) or for providing the Services (such as consumption data, offers). Reliable and acknowledge tools created by third parties, such as Google Analytics or Ispectlet will be used to collect data;

3) The Service Provider receives data from third parties based on an inquiry made by the Service Provider or a cooperation partner thereof under the User’s authorization, such as electricity consumption data of the User received from a database managed by Elering AS.

2.3. Data processing

Data processing is based on primarily on the consent given by the User to the Service Provider to process the data disclosed by the User, data received from third databases under the User’s consent, and data collected about the use of Services. When disclosing personal data while using the Service, the User grants the Service Provider permission to process all the entered data within the scope and for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy.

The objective of collecting and processing data is primarily to provide, maintain, protect, improve and develop new Services. The Service Provider will also use the data to develop and provide Users with customized content.

The Service Provider may use the data entered by the User in the web application for analysing trends and conduct surveys and make summaries for publication while granting user anonymity.

The Service Provider will ensure high quality of processed data as much as possible. The Service Provider may change the entered data in the extent required for the high-quality operation of the Service. The User is still responsible for the correctness of data they disclose.

2.4. Safety, storage and erasure of data

The Service Provider values highly the safety of user data and will take appropriate technical and organizational means to protect personal data from unauthorized persons and from unintentional or unlawful erasure, alteration, publication, communication or other unlawful processing.

The data will be stored in servers located in a member state of the European Union and protected, according to the knowledge of the Service Provider, by best possible means and in compliance with legal acts of Estonia and the European Union.

In order to protect safety and privacy, logging in to Energiamonitor is password-protected. Choose a sufficiently complicated password, do not share it with unauthorized persons and do not save it or remain logged-in in foreign devices. The Service Provider is not responsible for the access of third persons to devices under the User’s control, for the Internet connection or security thereof. The Service Provider has enabled the User to share data concerning their site (incl. potential personal data related to the site) and user rights for the site with third persons. In order to prevent disclosure of unwanted data or disclosure of data to unwanted persons, the user must inspect and ensure the functionality of enabled sharing functions. To do so, the Service Provider requests the User to read the guidance material of the application or contact the Service Provider for further details by e-mail at info@trea.ee.

The Service Provider will not disclose the personal data of Users or other persons without their consent or other grounds arising from the law.

Data will be stored until the User has not asked the data to be removed or the Service Provider has not removed data spontaneously.

2.5. Communicating data to third parties

The Service Provider will not sell, lease, exchange or hand over personal data in another day to persons outside the Service Provider without the User’s consent, except for in cases where the

  • Service Provider is obligated to do so pursuant to applicable laws or under the order of competent authorities or in case a need
  • arises to protect the justified interests of the Service Provider
  • in compliance with valid laws and in cases set out in the
  • Privacy Policy.

During its business activity, the Service Provider may sell or purchase business units. In case of such transactions and in case the Service Provider or practically all of its assets are transferred in the possession of a third person, the personal data of Users of the Service Provider are, as a rule, deemed to be transferable assets. The Service Provider reserves the right to include the Users’ personal data in the assets transferred to a third person.

2.6. Amendments to the Privacy Policy and additional information

The application created by the Service Provider is under constant development and legal acts concerning the privacy policy are changing as well, which is the reason why we may introduce amendments to our Privacy Policy. The Service Provider may make changes in the Privacy Policy and related information without informing the User thereof. The Service Provider reserves the right to notify the User of amendments made to this document on its website or via e-mail. To stay informed of potential changes, the Service Provider advises the User to review the Privacy Policy on a regular basis. If any provision of these terms should be amended or become null and void or expire, it will not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions, and a void provision will be replaced by a new one and/or the terms will be interpreted in a way which is as similar to the replaced provision or definition as legally possible. The law of the Republic of Estonia will be applied to the Service.

If the User has any questions concerning the Privacy Policy described herein, please contact us at the e-mail address info@trea.ee. If even after contacting us, the User feels that their privacy rights have been violated, this may be reported to the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate, whose contact details can be found at its website address – www.aki.ee.