Energy behaviour change


Results of the tested measure are indicative and represent a decrease in energy consumption in correlation to changes in energy behaviour, which, according to research, usually remains between 5–10%. Energy behaviour can be changed at any time regardless of whether your building has been renovated or not. But if your building has not been renovated, it would be reasonable to consider it. For more detailed recommendations, read the following text and check out the references to informative sources listed under the text.

Reduction of energy consumption should never be achieved at the cost of healthy indoor climate or living conditions.

Conscious consumption means that the resident is aware of their energy costs and devices which take up more energy, and is able to modify their behaviour to save up on energy and related costs. Energy consumption can be reduced by switching off devices that are not being used (sometimes, especially in case of older devices, it helps to disconnect them from the socket as well). Relatively simple and low-cost technical solutions, such as replacing halogen or filament lamps with more energy-saving lamps (e.g., LED lamps) and installing a thermostat mixer in the bathroom (which prevents wasting water to achieve the correct temperature) are helpful as well. Consider replacing old domestic and kitchen appliances with new and more energy-saving devices. If possible, adjust your home in a suitable mode (indoor temperature, air-conditioning) – it is not reasonable to keep windows open on a regular basis to air your home. It would be more efficient to readjust your heating thermostat (reduce the set point temperature) or review the heating system. Opening the windows is suitable for aerating, but nor for on-going ventilation. In certain cases, especially in older houses, the heating system may not be sufficiently adjustable, and to meet the above-mentioned criteria, renovation works should be performed on the whole building or at least the heating system.

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