B energy class renovation


The tested results of the renovation measure are illustrative. To ensure the preferred energy performance indicator (EPI), the application will take into account the current consumption of the building and the minimum EPI of the desired energy class to calculate the required energy savings. For more specific results, contact an expert. Still, the presented results will indicate a close result to what can be achieved by renovating your building.

The objective of renovation should not be a specific energy class (although the specified minimum requirements must be met), but improving the living conditions and indoor climate.

If possible, it is recommended to carry out complex renovation, which usually includes insulation of the building envelope, reconstruction of the heating and ventilation system, and replacement of doors and windows. To achieve energy class A, it is usually necessary to produce and use renewable energy on site. In case complex renovation is not possible, a renovation plan should be prepared in cooperation with a building expert, and complete the works in the correct order to prevent future works to achieve your reconstruction objective.

To get useful tips from a building expert, click on the “Ask an expert” button in the Energiamonitor application and submit your question. You can share your site and relevant data by using the share function. You can also get useful advice from technical consultants recognized by KredEx – please find the list with their contacts from the following KredEx page by clicking here.

Check out the possible renovation grants and grant amounts.

Useful references and literature

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