The “Wood Fuels User Manual” has been published and electronic file (pdf) can be found on the website of the Tartu Regional Energy Agency – Wood Fuel User Manual (pdf). The book is also printed in Estonian and an electronic file (pdf) can be found on the website of the Tartu Regional Energy Agency – Puitkütuste kasutaja käsiraamat.

The Wood Fuel User Manual seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire wood-based energy value chain, from wood resources to various heating solutions, environmental requirements, and cost-effectiveness calculations. The book focuses on expanding the use of wood fuel as well as its residues-free and more efficient use – to make sure that there will be enough forest all of us!

Wood Fuel User Manual is intended primarily for local and corporate building management professionals who are exposed to the design, construction, and operation of heating solutions for buildings, groups of buildings, and small settlements in their daily work. The handbook could also be suitable for experts, consultants, and students in the fields of renewable energy, energy supply, and planning

This book talks about wood fuels, introducing its main properties, quality classes and standards, storage and preparation for combustion, main combustion technologies and equipment and their impact on the environment. One of the topics is different heat supply methods, with an emphasis on cogeneration and hybrid heat supply. In last chapters of the book, an overview of planning, designing and calculation of economic profitability of heating systems is given.

The handbook was co-financed by the Baltic ForBio (Accelerating production of forest bioenergy in the Baltic Sea Region) project, funded by the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme.





ISBN 978-9916-9545-0-8
ISBN 978-9916-9545-1-5 (pdf)