Public Organisations Transform Energy Transition

Project activities: POTEnT innovatively addresses a key challenge for European cities and regions to achieve more carbon reduction by harnessing the potential of direct and local action by citizens and communities. It is important to accelerate energy transition and for that reason partners’ existing plans will be analysed through two Thematic Events and eight Mentoring Days. Study visits and workshops are organized to exchange experience, also for inspiring local decision makers and communities. Regional and local authorities can provide a positive alternative to the market-based provision of energy services. The POTENTIAL lies in their local connections, opportunities and accountability. Exchanged experiences and other project actions will build capacity of relevant public authorities. Prepared Regional Action Plans and improved policies that both consider implementing or improving public Energy Services Companies (ESCos) and increased investments in low carbon projects.  




Project is supported by Interreg Europe programme.

Project budget: 2 010 623,00 € (incl ERDF support      1 689 117,00 €)
TREA budget: 163 825,00 €

Project duration: 01.08.2019−31.07.2023

Project aim: reduce carbon emissions faster than “Business As Usual” through more and better energy services provided by local and regional authorities and by harnessing citizens and community.

Project home page: https://www.interregeurope.eu/potent/


Project results:

  • two Thematic Events and eight Mentoring Days
  • identified good practice
  • Regional Action Plans
  • Increased capacity of public authorities in improving Energy Services Companies (ESCos), policies and engagement of community

Project partners:

  • ALONE – Energy and climate local agency of South Brittany (France)
  • Tartu Regional Energy Agency (Estonia)
  • Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (Sweden)
  • Milton Keynes Council (United Kingdom)
  • Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics BV (Netherlands)
  • Ettlingen Municipal Services Agency (Germany)
  • City of Ostrava (Czech Republic)
  • Parma Municipality (Italy)
  • Pamplona City Council (Spain)

Project home page: https://www.interregeurope.eu/potent/

Contact person in TREA: Martin Kikas (martin.kikas@trea.ee, +372 524 5225), Marek Muiste (marek.muiste@trea.ee, +372 5558 1508)

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