Energize Co2mmunity

Real-life implementation of renewable community energy projects

Project description: Energize Co2mmunity is the real-life implementation of renewable community energy projects in the Baltic Sea Region and continues the successful project Co2mmunity. Eight partners from eight countries will take up and put to life the relevant outputs developed in the regular Co2mmunity project. We will try participatory mobilization process to set up RENCOP (Renewable Energy Cooperation Partnership) and Transnational CE partner agreements for exchange of experience.

First, the partners will implement concrete community energy projects that were developed out of these RENCOP activities in the regular project but which still need facilitation to be really implemented.

Second, the partners will draw on the transnational partner agreement and deepen the identified cooperation possibilities among the partner regions. With study visits and the exchange of good practices and know-how they support the concrete piloting and involve regional CE stakeholders.

As one of the pilots, in close cooperation with Tartu City, citizen-owned solar park will be established in Tartu. We also try to find solutions to overcome barriers to CE projects and promote the RENCOP model as a solution.



Project is supported by Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme.

Project budget: 666 657.80 € (inc 519 628.35 € ERDF)
TREA budget: 65 650€ (inc 55 802.50 € ERDF)

Project duration: 01.10.2020 – 30.06.2021 (9 months)

Project aim: Real-life implementation of renewable community energy projects.

Project main outcomes:

  • The main output and key outcome of Energize Co2mmunity is the generation and implementation of “six piloted renewable community energy projects” in different partner regions, including Tartu, Estonia;
  • partnership produces a “Compilation of findings for CE-solutions” that will consist of success stories, processes and main lessons learnt from experiences in CE piloting in each of the.

Project partners:

  • Kiel University (DE);
  • Green City Experience GmbH (DE);
  • Heinrich-Böll Foundation Schleswig-Holstein e.V.(DE);
  • Municipality of Middelfart (DK);
  • Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA) (EE);
  • Green Net Finland (FI);
  • Riga Planning Region (LV);
  • Kaunas Regional Energy Agency (LT).

Project home page: http://co2mmunity.eu/

Contact person in TREAs: Nele Ivask (nele.ivask@trea.ee), Martin Kikas (martin.kikas@trea.ee)

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