Third Social Green project stakeholders meeting in Tallinn

The local stakeholders meeting of Social Green project: The role of the public sector in the management of housing
Tallinn, 28th of November 2017

Background and aim of the meeting
The aim of the meeting was to continue the discussion on housing management issues in local government related subjects, to inform participants about the progress of the related activities, and to provide an overview of the meetings held in the municipalities.

At the meeting, the need for measures to promote the development of municipal housing and housing management were discussed, also the possibilities of cooperation between state and local government units.

The topic is important for more efficient managing of housing problems at local government level and for developing possible additional national support measures to deal with the regions with declining population. In addition to real estate owners, the role of local governments and state authorities as regulatory and guiding partners is also crucial for ensuring the sustainability of the renovation of the building stock and increasing energy efficiency.

Local stakeholders meetings are an important input for the discussion on housing management, a guiding material for local authorities that can be used for further planning and regulation of residential housing in regions with declining population and for drafting proposals for housing policy support measures. The encountered situation and solutions to different housing management issues were discussed with involved parties. The Tallinn city experience of managing the housing (incl municipal/rental housing) was presented and discussed.

Main topics
– Introduction to the content and goals of the Social Green project, setting up the discussion topic for round table (TREA).
– The overview of Estonian governmental support measures for housing sector (KredEx).
– The overview of social services and social support related to housing sector (Ministry of Social Affairs).
– Municipal housing management in Tallinn (Tallinn City Government).
– Grants created and provided by local governments for the development of housing (TREA).
– Financing the housing – what could be financed by the state and what could be financed by local government? (discussion)

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