The 1st local stakeholders seminar of AREA21 project in Tartu

Besides thinking about the energy efficiency of individual buildings, there has been an increasing need to talk about integrated systemic planning of communities and urban settlements.

The AREA21 project seminar “Annelinn: how to plan and what to renovate?” was held in Tartu, Estonia on 7th of November.

Annelinn district in Tartu, Estonia. Photo by Austin Roose

The experts of Tartu Regional Energy Agency (TREA) introduced the project concept to the audience – the representatives of housing associations. The project manager Antti Roose spoke about the planning of apartment districts and more specifically, about planning the Annelinn district in Tartu. The topics of energy efficient renovation strategies, indoor climate and energy use of apartment buildings were opened by a civil engineer Kalle Virkus, and the energy expert Marten Saareoks presented the comparison of before-and-after energy costs, relying on a data of recently renovated apartment buildings.

As a part of seminar, also the test area including 13 apartment buildings in Kalda street (Annelinn district) was introduced, as well as the online energy planning application that is currently being developed besides the other project activities of AREA21. An inspirational example in district is set by Kalda st 12 building – as an example of entirely new quality, being both the producer and the consumer with their roof-mounted PV panels.

Kalda st 12 – an inspirational example of refurbishing. Photo by Austin Roose

The audience was really attracted to the topics and a very lively discussion was held about how to practically start the planning of renovation process – both on building and apartment level. As only few buildings in Annelinn district (all together 140 apartment buildings) have been deeply renovated so far, the planning and renovation processes of the biggest urban district of Tartu city should be more impelled by all parties – the owners, city government and the state to reduce energy used in the housing sector and mitigate the climate change, and also improve the overall quality of life in city.


TREA expert Marten Saareoks presenting the web tool for energy planning. Photo by Antti Roose

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