The local stakeholders meeting nr 5 of Social Green project

The local stakeholders meeting of Social Green project: The role of the public sector in the management of housing
Tallinn, 20th of June 2018

Background and aim of the meeting
The aim of the meeting was to continue the discussion on housing management issues on local government related subjects. This time, the focus was more on the situation of decreasing population and the considering legislation. Nearly 40 representatives from 26 different municipalities from all over Estonia were participating in meeting and discussions.

The cooperation opportunities between state and local governments are discussed with the aim to continue the discussion on the organization of housing management in the local governments, to inform participants about the action plan and support measures for the depopulated regions, to give an overview of the activities of various ministries related to the management of housing in local governments.

Local stakeholders meetings are an important input for the discussion on housing management, for composing a guiding material for local authorities that can be used for further planning and regulation of residential housing in depopulating regions and for drafting proposals for housing policy support measures. Estonian demographic situation and solutions to different housing management issues were discussed with involved parties (state and municipalities) with special accent to planned legislative changes.

Main topics
– Support measures for the housing sector and action plan for depopulation regions (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications)
– Housing management in regions with declining population (The Association of Estonian Cities and Rural Municipalities − AECM)
– Replanning the regions with a declining population (Ministry of Finances)
– Proposed changes to the use of revenue from privatization (Ministry of Finances)
– Amendments to the Law of Property Act and the Code of Civil Procedure (Ministry of Justice)
– Social support and services in the housing sector (Ministry of Social Affairs)
– The role of local government in organizing the housing − the opportunities to solve the problem of empty apartments at the local level; needs of local governments (discussion)


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