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  • Carbon reducing green bus shelters in Milton Keynes

Green infrastructure planning is a successful tool to provide environmental, economic and social benefits through natural solutions. Milton Keynes is a pioneer in this: new living green bus shelters, capable of extracting harmful carbon emissions, are being installed across the
city as part of a pilot project backed by MK Council.

  • Gamification to educate school pupils about energy in Pamplona

Might schools be seen as the incubators of the next generation of ‘’prosumers’’? The answer is YES, and Pamplona City Council launched a new tool to educate primary school pupils about energy within the “Go Green Pamplona” program.

  • SEN: digital support for local energy in France

The company Lucioles Energies not only collected the savings of local residents to build two power plants, but also created a tool allowing consumers to look at the energy consumption of each household in relation to the production of its power station.


  • 3 questions to…

Parma and Pamplona have a lot in common, not only the fact of being involved in POTEnT and a SCC-Smart City and Community project. In this number, we have asked the two cities how they see the energy transition in their territories.

  • The advantages of sustainable energy planning

Our partner TREA gave us an insight about Sustainable Energy and Climate Plans and the situation in Estonia.