You can find the newsletter here: ENPOR newsletter #1    

The first issue of ENPOR newsletter covers main meaning of energy poverty in the private rented sector and gives overview of actions to mitigate it. Also, it introduces project ENPOR and its purpose.

From first newsletter you can find ENPOR NEWS:

  • ENPOR Project Policies Tackle Energy Poverty in Private Rented homes

Energy vulnerability (poverty) is a critical factor to consider within a fair energy transition. It must be addressed with adequate policies. The ENPOR Project increases the capacity of the decision makers for understanding and mitigating its effects by designing and implementing ten policies. ENPOR will support the adaption and implementation of ten policies in 7 Member States tailored to the specific needs of the private rented sector and will integrate them into broader policy objectives

  • First Report on Energy Poverty in the Private Rented Sector in Europe

Dr. Stefan Bouzarovski and Manon Burbidge (The University of Manchester) found that fuel/energy poverty and vulnerability is increasing in the European private rented sector. Their report and analysis is the first scientific publication investigating energy poverty in the private rented sector.

  • Expert Talk – Energy Poverty in the Private Rented Sector

There was launch event on 24th of February “Actions to mitigate energy poverty in the private rented sector”. Where Marine Cornelis talked to prof. Stefan Bouzarovski and Manon Burbidge about Energy Vulnerability in Private Rented Homes. You will find link to podcast.

  • Learning by Doing: What the Estonian retrofitting grant teaches us about energy vulnerability

Let’s start with a question. How can we improve the quality of housing in a country with rapidly aging post-communist era building stock in a community with the financial capacity well below the EU average?

There is section for PARTNER NEWS AND EVENTS. Under this section you can find articles from partners:

  • Social Rental Agencies Role in Tackling Energy Poverty in the PRS

Many countries in Europe face high pressure on their social housing stock, as the demand keeps increasing. An alternative to social housing can be the Private Rented Sector (PRS), as it can be a way to provide affordable housing and to tackle energy poverty, through initiatives like Social Rental Agencies (SRA).

  • The ENGAGER Newsflash.

The ENGAGER Energy Rights Forum on the topic ‘Would a Right to Energy end Energy Poverty?’ forum takes place in week 15 -19 March. It consists of daily sessions to be held in the afternoon of each weekday, each dedicated to a specific topic.

  • Italian Financial Schemes and Energy Efficiency

Italy has been shaken several times by devastating earthquakes and seismic activity in the recent decade. Retrofitting Italian homes to lower the destruction potential and combine it with energy upgrade for energy vulnerable families and people is one of the main goals of the new portal that is now available via the homepage of ENEA – the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. This service supports Italians battling energy vulnerability to compile and transfer the declarations and documents required to receive the new tax deduction instrument called SUPERBONUS 110%.


  • 30 million people face energy poverty in Europe: The EU needs a political strategy to end this – Policy paper
  • Research meets policy: Confronting Energy Poverty in Europe: A Research and Policy Agenda
  • Energy Poverty Resources
  • France: 3,5 million people facing problems to pay their energy bills
  • Synthesis Report from the Oxford University Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy

Also, from newsletter you can find COMMUNITY NEWS, which reflect sister projects. Energy poverty in the private rented sector is just aspect of energy vulnerability in Europe. Together we are stronger!