A survey of energy cooperatives in Estonia is underway!

Co2mmunity project partner TREA currently runs a survey among renewable energy producing and consuming communities in Estonia within 3 months until the end of July 2020. As a result of the survey, a study will be completed that explains in more detail the nature of collective action in the field of energy (energy communities, energy cooperatives, etc.) and their role in the energy transition and social innovation in Estonia and the European context.

Housing associations and other communities that have installed and used renewable energy equipment and produce and consume their electricity jointly in recent years have been invited to participate in the study.

A broad-based survey with identical content and a subsequent survey will be conducted simultaneously in 6 European countries (Belgium, Italy, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain). The report of the preliminary results of the survey will be completed approximately in November 2020. It will be available to interested parties, as well as the results of further research.

This survey is part of the European research project COMETS – Collective Action Models for Energy Transition and Social Innovation. The survey is led in Europe by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), a partner of the COMETS project in Belgium. In Estonia, the Tartu Region Energy Agency (COMETS partner in Estonia) is the coordinator of the survey.

More information on COMETS webpage: http://www.comets-project.eu/.

More information and news about CE in Estonia: https://www.trea.ee/kogukonnaenergeetika/

If you are an apartment association or other community from Estonia, that jointly produces energy but has not yet received an invitation from TREA, please take part in the survey and fill in the questionnaire here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y9LCVCC?lang=et

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