The stakeholders of Social Green project held their fourth meeting

The local stakeholders meeting of Social Green project: The role of the public sector in the management of housing
Tallinn, 28th of March 2018

Background and aim of the meeting
The aim of the meeting was to continue the discussion on housing management issues in local government related subjects.

The cooperation opportunities between state, local government, housing association, enterprises and other parties are discussed with the aim of exchanging the experience in compliance with energy efficiency requirements both in the renovation of existing buildings and in the construction of new ones in modern living and business environment.

Local stakeholders meetings are an important input for the discussion on housing management, for composing a guiding material for local authorities that can be used for further planning and regulation of residential housing in regions with declining population and for drafting proposals for housing policy support measures.

The encountered situation and solutions to different housing management issues were discussed with involved parties. The experience of designing, renovating and building the near zero energy buildings were presented by Tallinn City Public Facilities and Maintenance Department, Technical University of Tallinn, and State Real Estate Ltd.

Main topics
– Building and renovation of housing – the energy efficiency requirements (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications)
– The overview of the results of the reconstructed apartment building survey. Observations and problems with reconstruction projects (KredEx)
– Organizing the renovation of apartment buildings. The cooperation between housing associations, local governments and KredEx. The examples of renovated buildings (TREA)
– Designing and building the nZEB housing − an example of Tallinn’s home of teachers (Tallinn City Government)
– Designing and renovation of nZEB – an example of the students’ dormitory in Tallinn, Akadeemia 5a (Technical University of Tallinn)
– Energy efficiency requirements − cost or investment? How well prepared are the local authorities as contracting authorities to build near zero energy buildings? (discussion)

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