The local stakeholders of Social Green project met again for discussing the housing management

The local stakeholders meeting of Social Green project: The role of the public sector in the management of housing
Tallinn, 5th of May 2017

Background and aim of the meeting
The aim of the roundtable was to get a comprehensive overview of the experience gained by various stakeholders in housing management, to exchange knowledge about addressing various housing problems, and to map out the shortcomings that prevent the resolution of problems.

Main topics
Introduction to the content and goals of the Social Green project (TREA).
The current state of Estonian housing (Construction and Housing Department of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications).
Housing management in a declining population (Valga town government).
Planning for deprived and aging populations (Ministry of Finance).
The problem of apartments left to the state from the point of view of the Ministry (Ministry of Finance).
Legal opportunities (Ministry of Justice).
Side effects of the renovation subsidy distribution (Lauri Lihtmaa).
The needs of the public sector, in particular municipalities, in relation to the management of housing and municipally-owned land (discussion-brainstorming).

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