Sun and Wind

Sun and Wind: Universal Renewables for Local Sustainability

Project activities: Sun and Wind supported the effective and lasting use of local renewable energy sources by expanding the range of fuels used – through cooperation, joint research, better planning, pilot solutions and shared experience in the region of South-Estonia and North-Western Russia.

The use of energy saving and renewable sources in project regions were evaluated, the demonstration sites were established. The municipalities and communities were encouraged to apply new technologies and to involve the citizens in implementing the project activities.

Six local sample solutions were installed (incl solar, wind, biomass and geothermal energy). A comprehensive study was undertaken to assess the use of renewable energy sources. As a result of the study, several technical and financial opportunities for deployment of these sources were proposed.

During the project, the communities were continuously informed and educated on energy issues. The Energy Class of Rõuge Basic School was modernized, and local and international energy days were organized for young people and families. There were four workshops for adults on energy conservation and energy efficiency.

Project was supported by Estonia-Latvia-Russia cross-border cooperation programme.

Project budget: 936 126 € (incl ERDF support 842 513 €)

Project duration: 2013−2014

Project aims: Promoting the effective and sustainable use of local renewable energy resources and diversifying the range of energy sources.

Contact person in TREA: Martin Kikas (, +372 524 5225)

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