Companies can apply for support to improve production resource effectivity

Mining and manufacturing industry companies can once again apply for support from the Environmental Investment Center (EIC) to improve their resource use effectivity. The budget for the round is 7,12 million euros, plus freed up funds for projects that are ending.

“Resource-efficient investments achieve more efficient use of resources, ie production with lower costs, which has become especially important in the current difficult conditions” said Minister of the Environment Rene Kokk.

The call supports the development and implementation of resource-saving solutions, the acquisition or replacement of equipment for innovative and more resource-efficient equipment, the purchase of equipment for the use of production residues, information and communication technology solutions in the production process and the implementation and registration of environmental management and audit systems.

Many companies are already improved use of resources and some of them have also included renewable energy production solutions in their projects, for example A. Le Coq brewery is setting up a sewage system to reduce wastewater generation and produce biogas.

The timber company Natural has introduced a modern planing line and a new storage scheme, and A. Le Coq is setting up a sewage system to reduce wastewater generation and produce biogas.

The amount of the grant in this call is up to 200000 euros and the maximum share of eligible costs per project is up to 50%. A total of 68 million euros are prescribe for grants of resource efficiency measure. Around 60 million euros for 113 projects are already been approved. In year 2019 69 projects with 26,4 million euros of grant were approved and 18 projects with 11,3 million euros were finished.

A precondition for applying for resource effecticity measure investments is an analysis of resource use by trained auditors to assess the current situation and how to make production more resource efficient. Taking into account the results of the analysis, a specific investment need becomes clear. In year 2019 62 energy and resource audits were finished and 46 were funded.


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