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Students build up campaigning for smarter energy behaviour

In Rõuge, Alūksne, Valmiera and Lizums, students experiment with energy saving solutions in energy workshops, calling for smarter energy behaviour both at school and at home.

In Rõuge, Aluksne, Valmiera and Lizums, students are looking for energy-saving solutions in energy workshop to encourage for smart energy behaviour in energy campaigning. Since September there is going an energy campaign for wiser and smarter energy behaviour in schools and communities in the framework of the Estonia-Latvia cooperation programme.

Rõuge School, E.Glücki Aluksne Gymnasium, Valmiera Viestursi Secondary School and Lizumsi Secondary School launched a weekly energy workshops since October, which tests a number of energy topics with the aim of highlighting energy saving potential both as innovative equipment and engineering solutions, as well as for seeking smart behaviour of energy consumers. Students in the Energy Workshop set up hypothesis, elaborate hands-on tests, and formulate them as a workbook to be ready for the Energy Day. Tests, which measure, for example, the energy performance and insulation of buildings, the energy consumption of lamps and household appliances, and the indoor climate of buildings, are a proof of energy, environmental and financial savings. At first glance, the tests relate to implicit, but still practical features, such as the interiors, lighting and electricity use. According to Triinu Grossmann, supervisor of the Rõuge workshop, students have independently discovered energy-saving tips, have also developed their digital and collaborative skills. One of the learning outcomes is creative work, which includes both the theory and practice of smart energy behaviour. Tests will be passed to all school at the energy day to be held in the Rõuge School on December 1, with the participation of students from Võru County and Vidzeme.

Students in Southern Estonian can submit their energy-related short films for the competition “I am a smart energy consumer!”. Teachers’ trainings in four Estonian and Latvian schools were devoted to discussing the possibilities of improving the energy behaviour, in particular improving indoor climate at classrooms. School energy systems were enhanced with cost-effective and energy efficient low-cost solutions such as LED bulbs, motion detectors, water saving and other plug-ins. Antti Roose, project coordinator of the Tartu Region Energy Agency, confirms that, on the one hand, small investments, which are financially affordable for everyone, and, on the other hand, smarter energy behaviour, the change of wasteful habits in the heating, ventilation and illumination of the school will be promoted as a model textbook case for smart and sustainable energy in the Estonian and Latvian schools.

Energy awareness of youth is to be transferred to the Estonian and Latvian homes, where the energy monitoring of households will be launched in November aiming at least 15% energy savings with the combined effect of small investments and habits. The energy campaign of schools and communities is supported by the Estonian-Latvian Cross-Border Cooperation Programme under the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund.

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Antti Roose, project manager, Tartu Regional Energy Agency,,+372 53328233