The Estonian-Latvian CBC Programme project „Smart Energy Community“ is financed by European Regional Development Fund

Smart Energy Community (SEC)

Have you ever thought about who or what are consuming the energy – electricity, fuel and heat?

The buildings that we live in?

The cars that we drive?

Or, maybe, the people who are benefiting from all those goods?

We think that the consumption of energy is directly related to the people and their decisions. Smart buildings and wise communities can exist only if there are smart consumers. SMART ENERGY COMMUNITY consists of all of us – you and me ourselves, our neighbours and other people who know and wonder where the energy is spent and how to act to use energy wisely and desirably.

In smart energy community, we as consumers know where and how the heat and eletricity are used in our homes, offices and schools.

More information about our project can be read here: Smart Energy Community