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The workshop aims at providing new insights and reflections on urban energy policy at urban district scale. The event will be structured around four main focus areas:

  • Concept and practices of energy improvement district developed in the AREA 21 project assessing feasibility and pivotal renovation schemes exemplified by Kohtla-Järve;
  • Discussing and reflecting on experiences in preserving the urban milieu faced with shrinkage and weak housing market, still reaching energy policy objectives in the framework of urban regeneration;
  • Concept and practices of energy improvement district developed in the AREA 21 project defining and designing district-scale policies and tools in energy transition;
  • Discussing and reflexting on experiences in the integration of urban policy and energy management in urban districts, exchange of views from the Baltic Sea Region and group discussions between stakeholders and experts.


Wednesday, 1. April 2020 at 10.00 o’clock, Cultural centre of Kohtla-Järve, Keskallee 36

10:00 Welcome coffee and tea
10:30 Welcome by mayor Ljudmila Jantshenko (City of Kohtla-Järve)
The concept of energy improvement districts of AREA 21 – Jonas Fischer (Hafencity University)
10:50 Urban renewal of the Järve urban district – Jana Viital (City of Kohtla-Järve)
11:10 Housing, planning and renovation – Dmitri Moskovtsev (Ministry of Economy and Communication)
11:30 Renovation schemes and practices of the Järve district – Aivo Raud (Zoroaster), Tõnu Tiit (Termopilt)
11:50 Positions, discussion and outcomes on renovation of historic housing stock outcomes (stakeholders)
12:30 Networking lunch
13:15 Touring and visits in the Järve urban district visit (low energy gymnasium etc), the coach provided, 1h


Thursday, 2. April 2020 at 10.00 o’clock, Spark Demo business centre, Narva mnt 3, Tartu

10:00 Welcome coffee and tea
10:15 Welcome and introduction to the smart city Tartu by vice mayor Raimond Tamm (City of Tartu)
10:30 AREA 21 concept, pilots and tools – Jonas Fischer (Hafencity University)
10:45 Unfolding the urban renewal potential of housing renovation
11:00 District-wise urban renewal in Tartu – Marten Saareoks and Kalle Vikrus (Tartu Regional Energy Agency)
11:20 World Café on policy recommendations on urban energy transition. The reflections.
12:30 Networking lunch


The target group of this workshop are local authorities, urban stakeholders starting from energy operators ending with citizens. The event aims to bring together urban and energy experts, public authorities, housing sectors, other practitioners and citizens to address district-scale urban renewal.


Workshop language English (Estonian and Russian remarks possible)
To register for the event, please fill out the following online form https://forms.gle/6QCct5xAgh3n7qCj6 latest March 20, 2020, or e-mail tatjana.amerhanova@kjlv.ee or phone +372 339 8600.
For more information on this event, please contact antti.roose@trea.ee


Invitation to workshop in English AREA 21 smart city workshopd Tartu

Invitation to workshop in Russian AREA 21 городское обновление семинар