Smart Living

Energy saving through “Smart Living” solutions

Project activities: 

This project is intended to create and promote the “Smart Living” concept to Latvian and Estonian residents to provide highly important assistance for living more comfortable and economically more efficient in long-term. Society is demonstrating lack of knowledge and very poor competence in the frame of renewable energy and efficient usage of energy. The campaign in project is carefully planned and coordinated so that each activity create an effective and purposeful energy resource saving aspects. The target audience of the campaign are residents (household members) in the age group from 18 to 70 years old. The resident understanding and knowledge will be promoted by both demonstrating real examples how by changing our day-to-day habits we can save energy and live in a more energy efficient way, and by simulating various day-to-day situations, we will model comfort and economic conditions. In order to do so, we will organise a series of events where we will use online interactive tools.

The project objectives are aimed to promote the concept of Smart Living. The main goal of the project is to raise public awareness about environmentally friendly lifestyle and smart use of energy resources in Latvia and Estonia, combining knowledge and competence of organization in both countries.

We will focus directly on informing Latvian and Estonian societies on the possibilities to save energy resources, as well as addressing Estonian and Latvian real estate managers regarding the use of renewable energy resources. The specific goal of the project is to inform society members in Latvia-Estonia programme territory regarding possibilities on how reduce their energy consumption smartly and with little investment.


Project is supported by Interreg Estonia-Latvia cross-border  cooperation programme.

Project budget: 386 536,41 € (incl ERDF support 328 555,94 €)
TREA budget: 121 167,50 € (incl ERDF support 102 992,37 €)

Project duration: 01.03.2020 – 31.12.2022

Project aims: Creating and promoting the “Smart Living” concept.

Project results:

  • People and households awarenesse in terms of resource efficiency is raised
  • Households are actively engage in teaching and demostrating more efficient use of resources by workshops
  • With a help of our expert, interesting and motivating progam for workshops is created
  • During „Smart Living“ cross-border campaign 600 households and 300 energy community participants are involved
  • People habits are changed towards more environmentally friendly behavior in their everyday life concerning energy saving
  • On-line Interactive tool is created

Project partners:

  • “Green and Smart Technology Cluster” association (LT)
  • Vidzeme Planning Region (LT)
  • Tartu Regional Energy Agency (EE)

Project home page:

Contact person in TREA: Annika Urbas (; Martin Kikas (

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