Smart Energy Community

Project activities:

In schools:

  • The poll about students’ and teachers’ energy use and attitudes in the schools that are participating in project (Rõuge Primary School, E.Glücki Aluksne Gymnasium, Valmiera Viesturs Secondary School and Lizumsi Secondary School).
  • Identifying opportunities and needs for energy saving in schools, acquiring and installing the necessary small equipment.
  • Short lectures for parents and teachers in schools participating in the project.
  • Activities of students’ energy hobby groups in Rõuge Primary School, E.Glücki Aluksne Gymnasium, Valmiera Viesturs Secondary School and Lizums High School: developing and experimenting the various tests for the energy days; coaching the workshops on energy days and conducting experiments.
  • Video competitions for all basic school students in the counties (Võru, Aluksne, Valmiera, Lizums).
  • Organizing two energy days: December, 2017 in Rõuge school (for students from grades 7−9, participants from Latvia, Rõuge and elsewhere in Võru county) and in February 2018 in Aluksne Gymnasium.
  • Participating in bilateral energy days in Rõuge and in Aluksne.
  • Participating in school excursions in Estonia and in Latvia (students of energy hobby groups and other interested students).

In communities:

  • In Rõuge, Aluksne and Valmiera, there will be chosen 10 households (including apartment buildings, apartments, different private homes etc) that are interested in measuring and analyzing their home energy consumption.
  • Testing the energy saving technologies and energy monitoring equipment.
  • Organizing three public energy use workshops and lectures in both communities.
  • Representatives of households participating in the project and other interested persons are taking part in study visit in Latvia and Estonia.

Project is supported by European Regional Development Fund under Interreg Estonia-Latvia programme.

Project budget: 289 730,00 € (ERDF contribution 246 270,50 €)

Project duration: 2016−2018

Project aims: Increasing the daily intelligent energy use in school, community and households.

Project results:

  • 2 energy campaigns.
  • 2 energy days – in Rõuge and Aluksne
  • 8 seminars in schools and communities
  • 4 studyvisits
  • 4 school demo-unit for energy efficiency
  • 2 smart home demo-units for communities
  • Energy workbook
  • Community campaign posters and manual

Project web page:; Facebook: Energiaarukas kogukond.

Contact person in TREA: Antti Roose (, +372 5332 8233)

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